Travel News for Week of March 3

By March 3, 2019Blog

Disney recently designated the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek and the Waldorf Astoria Orlando as Official Walt Disney World Hotels. That means that guests at those hotels will have some included park benefits such as Extra Magic Hours. Each day, one of the parks opens early or extends later for guests to enjoy the attractions at a less crowded time. This perk is for guests of the Disney’s hotels. Now guests at these two properties will have access to Extra Magic Hours and can also be able to utilize the 60 day window for Fast Passes.

Cruise Critic, published some fun facts this week. I thought you might enjoy some of them:

  1. Where did the term “Lido Deck” come from? This term has come down to us from the early days of transatlantic steamship travel. The word “Lido” is a 19th-century term meaning a fashionable beach resort. European steamship lines, in the era of multi-class ocean travel, coined the phrase Lido Deck to refer to the pool and sun deck area exclusively for use by first-class passengers.
  2. Why is the safety drill called a muster? Maritime law requires every cruise ship passenger to attend a pre-sail away lesson on how to use a life jacket and what to do in case of an emergency. Although the term “muster drill” (oft misspoken as “mustard drill”) might sound funny, it has no underlying meaning. Muster simply means “to gather.” The drill has been around for years, though it became more strictly enforced following the Costa Concordia tragedy.
  3. Where did the term “as the crow flies” come from? In the good old days before talking GPS machines, mariners often carried cages full of crows or ravens for use as aids in coastal navigation. If the sailors were uncertain of their position and bearing to a nearby land mass, they would release one of the birds who would usually fly in the shortest, most direct route toward the nearest land. In colloquial parlance, “as the crow flies” has come to mean the most direct route between two points, which usually is a straight line (as opposed to the route one might have to take to stay on roads or within established shipping lanes).

A little interesting fact: Virgin Atlantic set a new speed record this week , flying from LA to London in just over 9 hours after the jet stream propelled it faster than the speed of sound. The 787 Dreamliner was clocked at 801 mph over Pennsylvania as it rode the fastest jet stream on record.


May 17-28, 2020   Alpine Explorer and Oberammergau  We will explore a bit of Switzerland and Austria before arriving at Oberammergau for the Passion Play.Some of the highlights of this trip include Lago Maggiore, Island Dinner, Zermatt, Glacier Express Train, St. Moritz, Innsbruck, Salzburg, St. Peter’s Restaurant, Mozart Dinner Concert, Munich, Oberammergau Passion Play, Linderhof Palace, Füssen, Neuschwanstein Castle.   Check out the itinerary:  

May 30-June 7, 2020    Paris and Normandy River Cruise  Check on availability.

June 13-21 2020   Colorado Rockies  We’ll fly in and out of the Mile High City of Denver and then travel to Grand Junction.   We’ll visit the Colorado National Monument, Arches National Park, Canyonlands, National Park, and Mesa Verda National Park. We’ll then travel to Durango and ride the Silverton RailRoad before ending our trip in Colorado Springs.

August 15-23 Canadian Rockies  We’ll fly into Vancouver and after enjoying the sights of Vancouver and Victoria, we’ll head up to Kamloops and then to Jasper National Park. We’ll see the Athabascan Glacier from our snow machine. We’ll visit the spectacular Lake Louise and then on to Banff.

September 12-23, 2020  Discovering Poland     Ready for deposit!  Check out the itinerary at

October 2020  Autumn Colors

November 2020   Panama Canal Cruise

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